Summer Wrap-up? 

Whoa, gee whiz, and golly dang... Swamp Drag has had one hectic summer! Charleston, Sutton, Weston, Elkins, Buckhannon, that Meadery in Ohio... We've been all over you places... If you guys haven't seen us lately, you can't blame us because…

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4 am Blog, because why not? 

You're all alone inside your mind....


Greetings fellow night travelers... or wannabe night travelers. I don't know if its anticipation for our two upcoming shows (one tonight at the Blue Parrot in Charleston, and one tomorrow night at…

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Sludgement Day II- RAWR! 

So, guys, I think it's a bit obvious... but.. I'm super pumped for this Sludgement Day show we're so excited to be part of next weekend (August 6th!). Just about a year ago, we were gearing up to go to…Read more

Return of the 17-Year Menace! 

If you're located in West Virginia, you all know exactly what I'm talking about...

Little red-eyed buggers projecting themselves like buzzing, screaming missiles that land on you and freak you the heck out. That's right. The 17-year cicadas are out…Read more

Super Busy!  

Long time, no type! At Swamp Drag Central, we've been SO busy! We've been fine-tuning our setlists (as most of you know, we play a different setlist every time we play.. we even have an Excel spreadsheet that tells us…Read more

Shows, shows, and More Shows!!! 

We here at Swamp Drag Central have been SUPER busy! Between going to shows (We love you, Flipswitch, Holey Soles, Beloved Dead, Stephen Lee and everyone else who we go to see frequently!!), playing shows (We just need to hit…Read more


...I know, and I apologize. Turns out, I've been really busy! Between practicing for a handful of gigs, making items for my Etsy shop, playing with my rabbit, and trying to cook healthy food, I don't have a lot of…Read more


Greetings, fellow Swamp Denizens! Today I bring you a strange blog post, which is only really strange, because I claimed it was. Actually, it's pretty straight-forward. For the few of you who were at our show at Captain Ron's in…Read more

So... I've been relocated, eh? 

You know its been one of  those days when you go from being on the front page of the website, to jumping to some random tab, but ah well, it is what it is. 

Ok.... so I did it to…Read more


Introducing, Swamp Drag: The CD! Now you can take your favorite swampy trio anywhere you please in a handy disc-shaped format! Yes, you read that correctly! Exclusively on, and at our shows, you can now purchase your very own…Read more

Holy cannoli!

Greetings, Happy Fans!

I know, I'm a bit of a slacker, and I haven't kept anything up to date, but I do have a good reason this time. We, the members of Swamp Drag, have been fairly busy lately coming…Read more