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7/26/18 - Nothing to say, but I want to say hello "Cool wind whispers well, the thought of your memory"


4/9/18 - Sometimes its better when we don't know how deep the truth is. Cast a penny in the well but you may never hear it hit the bottom. "This whole time I've been sinking, this whole time I've been sinking into you"


3/25/18 - We know your fucking name shiner boi "Time has an exit on your side"


2/25/18 - Pittsburgh(ers), LAKE LAKE (OH), The Long Hunt (XOXO), SXRXNRR "Robotripping in the pale moonlight now"


11/7/17 - "Dead Water" video release


10/3/17 - Question of the day: What is a successful show to you? (CJ) When I taste blood. "Open your eyes to the heart of this bleeding machine"


9/12/17 - Very limited quantities of the 10lb. Snail LP still available. Once they are gone they will not be reordered, but it will open the door for a special release available exclusively from "A prize to significant not to play"


9/2/17 - "Dopefiend Hick, Son of a Bitch" performed live for the first time. Thanks to all that made the Sick_Bob - Destroy_Rebuild_Destroy release a success. "This wolf she moves in and out of time"


8/19/17 - Thank You Ohio. "Are you right now?"


8/5/17 - Pork, beer, and great tunes from longtime friends of ours. Such amazing art  that displays the ability of the community as a collective. "Say hello to the new day's Sun as it burns through fog to warm your home"


7/15/17 - Not nearly enough updates. Currently at the Swamp Lair working up alternate versions of songs for upcoming gigs. "All hail the Aluminum Spaceman"


7/4/17 - Rodney and the Cressels, that is all....


6/28/17 - How great the last two months have been. Many friends made and revisited. The introduction of Airships to the Sun into the live set is very humbling for us. "Let's get high on mushroom clouds in the sky, let's fly these Airships to the Sun"