Shows, shows, and More Shows!!! 

We here at Swamp Drag Central have been SUPER busy! Between going to shows (We love you, Flipswitch, Holey Soles, Beloved Dead, Stephen Lee and everyone else who we go to see frequently!!), playing shows (We just need to hit a show or two in December, then we've had a year of at least one show a month!), or craft shows, we've been all over the place... Elk River music fest, NEOFest 5 in Ohio, Morgantown, Elkins, Buckhannon, Clarksburg... I have been in contact with Kimberly from One Eyed Doll, and Ariel from Icon for Hire, so my hope is that the next year will bring us some interesting gigs alongside them! ...But we'll see. ^_^

I have a big sale going on my Etsy Shop, so if you've been eyeing one of my scarves or bracelets, NOW is the time to strike!!! ^_^

Have a super radtastical holiday, if I don't pop up before then! 

THIS, by the way, is a Feuerzangenbowle.. Wine, rum, sugar cone, and FIRE...

Welcome to the burn....