"Swamp Drag" logo Mirror Glass Coaster


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Hexagonal.. Square... Circular... Which one will you choose?

The Swamp Drag logo design is etched into the glass, and will never go away.. Wash it all you want... The glass coaster/plate/whatever you want to call it, will be wrapped carefully in bubblewrap and a box, so it gets to you safely.

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Hand Drawn Lyric Sheets
  • Hand Drawn Lyric Sheets


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Is there a Swamp Drag song you can't get out of your head? Does any particular song resonate with your soul? Now you can have your own personalized custom lyric sheet, drawn by one of the members of Swamp Drag!

Each Lyric sheet is drawn on 6 inch by 8 inch Medium Weight (80 Lb) drawing paper, and adhered to a sheet of 8 inch by 11 inch black cardstock. For an additional price, we can also send you an 8X10 photo frame so you can display it in your home immediately. (In another listing)

Each design will be different from the ones shown, but you'll love yours.

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