Summer Wrap-up? 

Whoa, gee whiz, and golly dang... Swamp Drag has had one hectic summer! Charleston, Sutton, Weston, Elkins, Buckhannon, that Meadery in Ohio... We've been all over you places... If you guys haven't seen us lately, you can't blame us because we've likely been within spitting distance of a lot of you, but you didn't come out. That's on you guys... We were there, man. We drank that mead out of an Empty Glass... We've been bringing out our friends during these travels - meaning bringing in our out-of-state friends - and showing them the kind of awesome fans WV has to offer. 

Anyway, if you did somehow miss us, and you're within the general North Central West Virginia area, we have two shows coming up that you might be interested in. Tomorrow night in Elkins, we hit the Brewstel with our good friends in Wish Awake and The Long Hunt. This is the first time The Long Hunt has played this area, so let's show them how much we love our music! On August 18, we play the 2nd Annual Traders Alley show, in Buckhannon. Just park somewhere close to Main Street, and you should be able to find us pretty easily. 

We are working on booking our fall schedule, so if you want to see Swamp Drag near you, contact us asap! Dates are filling up quickly!