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You're all alone inside your mind....


Greetings fellow night travelers... or wannabe night travelers. I don't know if its anticipation for our two upcoming shows (one tonight at the Blue Parrot in Charleston, and one tomorrow night at 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown), or if I'm still riding high on the euphoria from the music video release for Dead Water (check it out on youtube if you haven't already!), or if it's just this random lack of sleep thing that happens for like several weeks every year (the time change, perhaps?). Regardless, I figured I'd update you all in all the news that is Swamp Drag.  

So.. first things first.. Tonight, Blue Parrot in Charleston. We're playing as Swamp Fox with The Fabulous Brothers Steele and Sox N. Sandels. Tomorrow night: 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown. We're opening up for Captain Catfeesh and The Furr. Both shows should be a good time. We'll be playing somewhat new tunes, and some old favorites might be making an appearance. Ouroboros, I'm looking at you.  

Next.... We have very limited supplies of the Jackalope shirt left. By very limited, I mean like 2 or 3, and they're all size Medium. So if that's your size, and you've been eyeing that shirt (and I mean, who hasn't? It's pretty cool!), then you should probably jump on that. ^_^ Check out our store if you want to order it.  

And of course, my favorite discussion topic: Merch! Some of you may have recently noticed these really cool mirror plates with Swamp Drag written on them. Thus far, they are only available at shows, because shipping a little glass mirror plate just seems dangerous to me (dangerous for the plate, that is). Yeah, people ship glass all the time, but I'm not that brave, so.... come pick it up at a show if you're so inclined.  

New merch debuting tonight at The Blue Parrot. I'm not gonna spill any secrets, but it's pretty freaking cool... It's been my after-work project for the last week or so, so I really hope you guys dig it.  

And finally.. i know you all have burning questions about the filming of the video. Chris Seymer from Homegrown Fox Studios did a really amazing job with it. ^_^ Along with the video parts, a ton of rather random footage was also shot. There's a clip of E-Rick Miller from Elderly Man Records rolling down the sidewalk on an office chair, and culminating in a pretty spectacular crash onto the gravel driveway. We also had far too much fun with the fog machine... Let's just say, yes. The fog machine was probably used to generate some pretty lewd laughter.  

 Dead Water Music Video

Anyway, I was hoping this would help put me in the mind-frame to get back to sleep, but it hasn't. I guess it's back to doing jigsaw puzzles for me.  



I tried to warn you....