Super Busy!  

Long time, no type! At Swamp Drag Central, we've been SO busy! We've been fine-tuning our setlists (as most of you know, we play a different setlist every time we play.. we even have an Excel spreadsheet that tells us how many times we've played each song at each venue, just so we know that we're not playing the same songs every time), I've been working on more items for my Etsy shop (which you should totally check out if you haven't already), we've been making music contacts with people in Europe, and trying to spread the Swamp Drag-ness across the US. We have a couple pretty big shows coming up. Jerry Morris has invited us to play the Elk River Music Festival again, so we're prepping for that, and we have an Anti-Strawberry Fest Party Gras show coming up in a couple weeks. ^_^ The weekend after that, we're making our return to the Main Street Cafe for their Memorial Day weekend barbecue! We have a pretty busy summer planned, and can't wait to see as many of you as we can!

To the new(er) fans (who have come about since November), Welcome to the Burn.

To our old(er) fans, All Hail the Aluminum Spaceman. 

We'll see you soon.