Sludgement Day II- RAWR! 

So, guys, I think it's a bit obvious... but.. I'm super pumped for this Sludgement Day show we're so excited to be part of next weekend (August 6th!). Just about a year ago, we were gearing up to go to Ohio for NEOFest 5. It ended up being one of the coolest shows we had the opportunity to play. We played in the back of a bowling alley, and it was super cool. If you haven't seen the video from it yet, here it is. 

Since I really am totally excited, I figured I'll *try* to spend the next week showing you some of our behind the scenes stuff we have going on. I have a new arts and crafts project that will eventually become Super Exclusive Swamp Drag Merch. Not gonna expose anything about it yet, as I'm trying to get the techniques perfected, but yeah, it's going to be really cool. :-) We also have new orange vinyl Swamp Drag stickers that are 3"x5''? size. They're great for covering up those pesky political stickers for when the election cycle is over! 

Well, that's honestly all I have for today. I just made a sale on my Etsy shop, so if there's anything you've been eyeing, you might want to go ahead and get it. ^_^

Til tomorrow....

Stay out of the water...