Without further ado.....

Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural blog post here at swampdrag.com! A.Z. here, coming to you straight from the Swamp Lair! Of course, I am consuming my beverage of choice, Chamomile Tea, and trying to keep myself from breaking into Adam's secret stash of Sweetarts (that he doesn't actually know exists... shh!). So today, CJ comes up to me and says, "Hey, I'm working on all this Swamp Drag stuff, doing interviews and all that, so it's high time you do something too.. Make a website!" So here I am. I poured my cup of tea about an hour ago, forgot about it (because it turns out that this is rather fun), so now I'm consuming cold tea. Serves me right, I suppose. 

Now onto my favorite part: the Store! Yes, we are working on bringing in items for the store: cd's, t-shirts, stickers and the like. It'll be especially handy for those of you who live out of state and can't make it to our shows. If you're lucky, your favorite bass player - ok, your other favorite bass player - fine... that bass player chick from Swamp Drag - might just create some snazzy limited edition items for your purchasing pleasure. She's a bit crafty, I hear. So, hopefully that'll be up and running within the next few weeks or so. 

Well, I think that's it for now. Be sure to sign our guestbook and sign up for our mailing list! We'll keep you up to date on upcoming shows and fun news and all that. Stay tuned in for random tidbits of wisdom (and complete malarky) from that bass player chick, and maybe I can get the guys to contribute to the shenanigans too. ^_^ 

Until next time.. don't forget to unzip...


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